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Our approach to creating a great work environment is simple — we're all here to grow and develop, but we're also independent, creative professionals that care about the collective energy. We care for our outcomes and results as much as we care for our team. Whether you're in the early stages of your career (assistant/junior stylist) or perhaps well into your professional prime, by our own standards, we come to expect a lot from one and other as we grow together. For the right folks in this industry, we've become a real milestone and brand to be a part of. Driven by art, music and youth culture across the spectrum, POPULATION is a company where roots can take hold, and the nourishment is vital.

Apprenticeship Opportunities // Assistants // Education

Our apprenticeship program is effectively a two-year tiered system, meant to develop young and earlier-stage stylist into POPULATION all-stars. We cultivate and shape our best through this system—with a solid intention to have them (willing) anchored here well beyond the education period. Our senior stylists teach every assistants to cut and color in the studio's tradition, and the basics are expanded upon in a creative sense, allowing every apprentice to mature with confidence. 

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Seasoned Stylists // New Territory // We Don't Rent Chairs

If you get what we do at POPULATION, then there's a common denominator that we can agree upon technically. But let's explore the beyond with new energy and refocused outlooks. Our team is comprised of creative stylists that are bounding along the standards of today, and seriously pushing into new territory whenever they can. If you're looking to move on and grow, it's worth having a conversation and sharing your work with us! By all means, start a chat via Instagram or email us directly...

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